• Welcome to Ling Ying Dragon & Lion Dance Centre


    This is the official web site of the Ling Ying Dragon & Lion Dance Centre. Our troupe was successfully established in 12 July 2006. Over the years, the troupe has been active in Community Centre events and public performances. Our dedication and expertise have led to us clinching many awards. Our popularity has led to several youths learning the traditional sport of lion dance. In fact, the response has been overwhelming, leading us to starting junior teams within the troupe.




    Ling Ying aim is to promote the Chinese Culture through performances. As such, all our members are well-trained and dedicated. Our members have a strong passion for the sport, with several personally benefiting from the entire experience. Through both the tough and fun times, we have imparted skills that are useful in life. The sense of belonging is strong in the troupe and many friendships have been forged within. Despite coming from all walks of life, our troupe has a great sense of camaraderie.